The mainly products of YANTAI Future

The mainly products of YANTAI Future Automatic Equipment Company Limited are kinds of pneumatic actuators, controlling parts, air-operated fittings vacuum parts, hydraulic actuators, pneu-matic systems, hydraulic systems packing machines and plastic thread drawing machines.

The hydraulic actuators include that YGX series minisize hydraulic cylinders, LYG series hydraulic cylinders the YG series hydraulic cylinders which was designed by JapaneseJISB8354-1992standard FHSG series engineering hydraulic cylinders CD series heavy hydraulic cylinders,Y-HG1series metallurgical standard hydraulic cylinders, special vehicle hydraulic cylinders and manufactured various non-standard hydraulic cylinders for clients’ request.

The hydraulic systems include that hydraulic system assembly and the compositive equipments that we designed and manufactured basis on your working condition and request, such as pressure flux and action request about.

We can manufacture various non-standard products and systems.

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Post time: Jun-24-2022