Quality Month

Yantai Future Is In Action


Skiving: The quality in my mind is to ensure the inside diameter and roughness of each cylinder  


Centerless grinding: The quality in my mind is to ensure that the size and surface quality of each rod is flawless

CNC machining: The quality in my heart is that each size processed meets the requirements of the drawing

Welding: The quality in my mind is to strictly control the welding parameters to ensure the firmness and tightness of the weld

Warehouse storage: The quality in my mind is to distribute every material accurately


Logistics: Quality in my mind is ensuring that every component is shipped in good condition

Assembly: The quality in my mind is to assemble accurately according to the drawings and process requirements to ensure the matching and coordination of all parts of the cylinder

Painting: The quality in my mind is that the coatings are uniform, beautiful and firm.

Packaging: The quality in my mind is the image of the outer packaging of the product, ensuring that each cylinder can reach the customer safely and completely

Equipment maintenance: The quality in my mind is the regular maintenance of equipment to ensure that each equipment is accurate and reliable

Inspection: The quality in my mind is the conformity of drawings and processes, even the smallest defects need to be found and dealt with

Pressure test: The quality in my mind is not to let any problem product flow to customers.

Laboratory: The quality in my mind is to do every identification and analysis accurately.

We always adhere to the core values of “quality creates the future”, quality is the life of the enterprise, is the foundation of the enterprise. We must resolutely implement the effective operation of the quality management system, regularly hold a special meeting on quality improvement, strengthen the early quality control review and the investigation of risks and hidden dangers, and constantly consolidate the quality management foundation through the three principles of “no manufacturing, no transmission, no acceptance of unqualified products” and the principle “Four Not Let Go” of quality. Improve and consolidate the responsibilities of quality management personnel at all levels, constantly improve our quality management service awareness, resolutely do not let any kind of problem products into the market, so as to enhance customer satisfaction, improve the company’s quality brand image, and help the company and the society’s high-quality development.

Post time: Sep-05-2023