Hydraulic cylinder leakage analysis

Hydraulic cylinders are widely used in various industries. During its operation, there might be internal leakage or external leakage due to the unreasonable design or choose of seal kits. Thus the machine’s reliability and life are also affected.


Type of cylinder leakage

The leakage often happens after a period of usage. Usually there are two types of leakage: internal leakage and external leakage. The external leakage can be easily found from the appearance while the internal leakage is hard to be detected.

External leakage and causes


(1) Leakage between tube and guiding ring
There is static seals between tube and guiding ring. If the seals are of poor quality, scratch, deformation or the roughness between tube and guiding ring, these will cause the leakage.

(2)  Leakage between rod and head cap
The seals between rod and head cap are dynamic. The poor machining of tube, head cap, rod and piston will make the rod incline when working. Thus the seals in head cap will be deformed and cause the leakage.

(3)  Leakage between tube and head cap
if the seal material is too hard, deformed or damaged, it will cause leakage.

External leakage and causes


(1)Leakage between piston and tube
The seal between piston and tube is dynamic. If we choose the wrong type of seals or seals with improper material, poor machining, poor cleanness, etc, all these factors can cause the internal leakage.

(2) Leakage between rod and piston
The seal between rod and piston is static and the seal channel usually is designed on the rod. If the seal type is not proper, it will cause internal leakage.

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