Cylinder Painting

Hydraulic cylinder components are given basic corrosion protection in form of a silane layer. This layer increases resistance, but also ensures good adhesion of the paint applied to it.

During painting, cylinder tubes, covers and many accessories are given a layer of paint. In this way, we increase the corrosion protection and maintain the product value.


All surfaces are painted in order to offer our customers the best possible protection against corrosion, except the following parts: Sealing surfaces of the ports; Venting ports and screws; Spherical and pivot bearings; Trunnions and flange mounting surfaces; Piston-rods and threads; Seals such as wiper rings; Mounting surfaces for valve attachment; Sensor components;

The painting process is surface cleaning, then primer paint and then topcoat paint.


After the painting process, 350 hours of paint guarantee is given with reference to ASTM B117 and ISO 9227. According to the industry and customer demands, different painting processes, types and thicknesses can be performed according to factory painting standards.

Post time: Feb-23-2023