A brief introduction of hydraulic cylinder

What is a hydraulic cylinder? How many types of cylinders are there?  We will givc a brief introduction of hydraulic cylinder and its types in this passage.
  Hydraulic cylinder is the actuator in the whole hydraulic transmission system. It transfers the hydraulic power to mechanical power./ With simple structure, reliable performance and stable movement, it’s widely used in various industries.
  It can be divided into four types according to its structure: piston cylinder, ram cylinder, and telescopic cylinder.
Piston type of cylinder: 
Ram type of cylinder 

We can choose different types of hydraulic cylinders according to its application.
The Hunger’s hydraulic arm extends 66 feet, giving the cylinder a maximum length of 150 feet, or half the length of a football field.
Hydraulic cylinders mounted on the dredger power the bucket, which is large enough to hold two tour buses.

After World War II, fighter jets and commercial airliners became lighter, stronger, and faster. Instead of gluing small pieces of metal together, a seven-layer hydraulic press is used to stamp individual components. China now has the largest and most powerful forging presses in the world, capable of stamping huge bulkheads and engine parts using up to 80,000 tons of pressure.

The working principle of the forging press is the same as that of the hydraulic arm. Using pressurized fluid, a dozen heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders make a downward thrust. A force of 80,000 tons is enough to press a hot metal ingot into a steel mold to shape every detail.
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