Hydraulic Cylinder for Front Loaders

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These cylinders are single-acting and used for front loaders. Yantai Future has a special production line for these cylinders which can greatly improve the efficiency. These single-acting cylinders are  mainly exported to Europe and North America. Seals structure is based on different working conditions of various machines. Reasonable structure design and machining technology makes our cylinders are capable to work in sever conditions. All seals are imported. With beautiful appearance, stable quality and long service time, the cylinder PPM is lower than 5000.

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1. Advanced and reliable sealing system. Adopts imported sealing brand, which has the characteristics of high-speed wear resistance and long service life. The sealing is a unique double dustproof structure, which can effectively prevent external impurities from entering the cylinder, and the buffer sealing can effectively avoid high-pressure impact.

2. The cylinder barrel is made of high-strength cold-drawn material, and the welding structure is reliable, which improves the overall strength of the cylinder.

3. The piston rod adopts an advanced electroplating process and with salt spray test grade 9, 96 hours, to enhance the anti-corrosion and wear-resisting performance.

4. The cylinder adopts multiple anti-loosening structures to ensure the reliable operation of each component without falling off.

• Cylinder body and piston are made from solid chrome steel and heat-treated.

• Hard-chromium plated piston with replaceable, heat treated saddle.

• Stop ring can bear full capacity (pressure) and is fitted with dirt wiper.

• Forged, replaceable links.

• Oil port thread 3/8 NPT.


1, Sample service: samples will be provided according to customer’s instruction.

2, Customized services: a variety of cylinders can be customized according to customer demand.

3, Warranty service: In case of quality problems under 1 year warranty period, free replacement will be made for customer.

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Retracted length

550 mm

25 26

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